Learn the vital skills you need to be a graphic designer and create quality designs without wasting your time digging through tons of how-to videos or paying thousands of dollars in expensive programs.

  • color
  • typography
  • composition
  • design projects
  • hierarchy
  • contrast
  • layout
  • process
  • indesign
  • photoshop

This course is perfect for you if:

You are a creative-minded individual wanting to make graphic design your living either by getting hired by an agency or using your skills to become a freelancer.

Whether you are:

  • An aspiring graphic designer with the dream of working in this industry but sick of just watching random how-to-videos.
  • Or perhaps you already enrolled in some course about graphic design but you found it to be confusing, overwhelming, lacking information and without a real sequential step-by-step guide to acquire the skills you need to become a designer.
  • You’re a self-taught graphic designer but you don’t feel too polished in your design skills and often have imposter syndrome when it comes down to charging for your services because you feel the need to improve some aspect of your graphic design skills.

You are in the right place! How to Graphic Design: The Course of Fundamentals will give you the steps, the inspiration and skills to be an accomplished designer. Whether you want to become a designer for web, UI/UX, Logo, Packaging, Advertising & Marketing, Motion Graphics, Illustration, Publication or Print you need to start with these basics.

See, learning the fundamentals of graphic design is what makes you a designer. Some “gurus” out there like to train designers by teaching them to start with the Adobe programs, however, they omit the essential principles that make or break a quality design. With our graphic design beginner course we teach you to learn graphic design, think with the rules that make graphic design to train your eye and make you a flawless designer.

The world of graphic design is vast and ever-evolving. For beginners, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That’s where our graphic design beginner course comes in. Such a course provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles and practices of graphic design, equipping students with the skills and knowledge they need to create effective visual communications.

By the end of this course you will have...


Learned the 6 Vital Fundamentals of Composition & Layout

along with the 4 basic grids so you can confidently create pleasing designs that feel structured and balanced.


Learned How to Use Adobe Photoshop & Adobe InDesign

with practice projects for each to confidently create professional designs for print or digital.


Learned Typography Like a Professional to Avoid Mistakes

including how to pair fonts, where to find them, how to choose the right ones and lots of practice.


Learned How to Use Color Confidently in Any Design You Do

including which color combos to use and avoid, what each color represents, how to apply color and much more.


Learned the Design Process & How to Present to Clients

so that you can confidently follow the step-by-step process of taking a project from start to final turnover.


Learned How to Avoid Getting Stuck While Designing

with the exact process to get inspiration. Plus follow along with 10 design practice projects.

Plus templates and guides to make it
even easier to learn & apply!

But Above All Else...

How to Graphic Design: The Course of Fundamentals will help you to take the next step towards creating your dream life of putting your artistic abilities to practical use…

To allow you to make money from your creative skills…

As I have been able to do for the past 14 years and many others who have taken the leap and made a career with something they love.

How does our Course of Fundamentals compare?

You want to learn from someone who is not only trained but has made a living designing professionally. And your teacher Lauren is still actively running her own design business!

14 years of professional graphic design experience.
Still actively running a design business with clients daily.
Lifetime access to ALL future updates of the core program.
Step-by-step application driven teaching.
Subtitles available in seven languages: 🇬🇧 🇵🇭 🇫🇷 🇩🇪 🇯🇵 🇮🇳 🇪🇸
Lifetime access to a private community for design feedback.

Enroll in How to Graphic Design:
The Course of Fundamentals Today!

Discount expires in:


$60 $49


As a self-taught graphic designer, I always had a bit of imposter syndrome whenever I would show my work. I was never sure if it was good or not because I never really knew what I was missing. After taking How to Graphic Design, I can finally stand confidently behind my designs knowing that I now know all of the fundamentals that the designers who went to design schools know. And my imposter syndrome is GONE!


Coming from a background in marketing I was always drawn to design, but I didn’t have time nor the resources to go to a in-person graphic design school. I first tried courses on Skillshare and Udemy and though I gained knowledge these courses were lacking the actual methodology on how to learn graphic design. Then I found this course and I can’t tell you enough how enjoyable and easy this course was. By the end of the course I was able to call myself a graphic designer. Thank you Lauren!”


What’s Inside How to Graphic Design:
The Course of Fundamentals


Composition & Layout

Here’s what most self-taught designers miss out on and instead jump right into the computer and fail to become truly successful.

In this module, you’re going to fully understand the 6 key fundamentals of composition + layout. 


  • Fully understand and learn how to use hierarchy, balance, alignment, repetition, contrast, and white space.
  • You will do practical drills that are the make or break point on graphic designers becoming good or just mediocre.
  • You will also learn the 4 main grid layouts along with 2 additional ones that can work for you to create excellent designs. 


Adobe InDesign

One of Adobe’s most valuable programs is often mistakenly replaced with Photoshop and Illustrator by untrained graphic designers.

In this module, you’re going to learn the incredible worth of my favorite Adobe program: Adobe InDesign.


  • I walk you step-by-step through the different InDesign tools you need to know to put all of your composition knowledge to use in the computer.
  • Understand the power of this program and why it is considered the industry standard for all business cards, flyers, posters, magazines, books, presentations, and much more.
  • Do a series of design practice assignments applying your knowledge of composition and layout using Adobe InDesign.



A subject that too many self-taught or new designers misapply is typography.

In this module, you’re going to learn key fundamentals of typography that will help you make smart type choices in all future designs. 


  • Learn how and where to find the correct font to design with. As well as understand the anatomy of typography so you can be confident in your type choices.
  • Learn what fonts to avoid to not appear amateur, and what fonts to use depending on the mood you want to communicate with your design.
  • Do a series of practice design projects to put your new typography knowledge to use.


Adobe Photoshop

This section will help you get up and running as a designer now with the key Photoshop tools that I use on a daily basis.

In this module, you’re going to become familiar with Photoshop’s most impressive and practical tools.


  • Learn about image retouching, cutting out people and objects using masks, and removing blemishes and unwanted parts of an image.
  • You will also learn about scaling and cropping, image compositing, working with color, adjusting the filters, brightness, and darkness of an image, and how to export for print and for the web, along with much more.
  • Plus in each lesson, you will have real images I provide so you can work in real-time with me to learn the different tools.


Color Theory

This is where a very misunderstood and misapplied subject of color theory gets simplified for practical application to make your designs look good.

In this module, you’re going to first learn about the importance and practical use of the color wheel and how to actually use the tool to create incredible harmonies. 


  • You will be walked through each of the 7 key color harmonies with many examples of each so you can understand how each would apply to your own designs.
  • Learn about what each of the colors mean with an in-depth lesson explaining each color and its uses, along with a detailed guide for you to reference while you are designing.
  • You will then understand how to know what type of color to apply to your work, which color system to work in depending on the end result you are looking to achieve, and how to create a great color palette and a mood board that will set you up to design any project with ease.
  • Finally, you will do a series of color practice design lessons using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign to put the color theory you just learned to use.


Creative’s Design Process

Most new designers think that they are order takers and don’t know how to take a project from start to finish successfully.

In this module, you’re going to get my full step-by-step process to get the best possible design product in the end. 


  • I walk you through in-depth my entire process of going from conception to full turnover of the design project that has allowed me to make hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • You will create 4 design projects taken from the initial brief, to the design, to the design client presentation to full turnover with templates to use.
  • You will gain the confidence to never get stuck in the beginning stages. This is the whole formula that the top designers and agencies use to take a design from idea to fruition.


Certification, Practice Projects + Community

Put all the knowledge you learned to practice with further design project briefs.

Get the chance to be certified!


  • Get a series of practice design briefs for you to take all that you learned in the course and create designs from scratch.
  • You will have the ability to submit your design projects to me to get certified that you are a professional graphic designer.
  • Gain access to a private community where you can submit your design work, where I will be doing challenges, and where you can feel supported in your journey of learning graphic design.

Plus Bonuses! to
Help You Out Even More...


How to Get Your First Client
Total Value: $197

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a freelance graphic designer and owning your own business, setting your own schedule, and working with ideal clients, this bonus will give you a booster to get that first design client.


  • Learn 5 different tactics that you can use to get clients when you are ready to get hired.
  • Learn the 2 different categories of finding design clients and which to apply to get the most immediate income.
  • Get a downloadable guide along with the lesson to help you execute each of the client-finding methods.


How to Price Your Design Projects
Total Value: $97

One of the top struggles most new freelance designers face is not knowing how much to charge.

This bonus is simple and short but very powerful, giving you tools to use to stop undercharging and instead make a great living doing graphic design.


  • Get a pricing formula that will ensure you charge enough to cover all expenses and live comfortably.
  • Get a beginner and mid-range price list to help you know at a glance what you should be charging clients.

I am much better at applying the design principles!

“My first impression of the Adobe Cloud program is that it looked difficult to navigate. However, after your course I stand corrected. I began researching and sketching a lot more, which are paramount for a great design. I am much better at applying the design principles! Your patience and delivery are highly admirable and appreciated.”
-Vindra Cazaubon

It's an invaluable lesson that can benefit all, but especially new graphic designers.

One of the biggest lessons this course teaches is the structure for the Creative’s Design Process. There’s so much to offer as graphic designers, and so many tools and techniques to achieve endless results, that one can get overwhelmed by what direction to take in order to solve clients’ problems. This course gave me a much-needed professional template, and over-the-shoulder walkthroughs of how to solve those clients’ problems efficiently. It’s an invaluable lesson that can benefit all, but especially new graphic designers.” -William Harris

Inside The Course of Fundamentals alone you get...

  • 6 implementation modules showing you everything you need to know to create graphic designs from scratch.
  • The creative design process to make sure you can take any design project and confidently go from start to finish.
  • A simple introduction to Adobe that shows you a slow and easy learning approach unlike most courses.
  • Templates + quick reference guides so you have a creative advantage when working on all future projects.

When you add in the bonuses with the
invaluable design training...

That’s a real-world value of $1155.

but you can join the course of fundamentals for just...


$60 $49


But hurry, this promotion will end in days hours minutes and seconds

Plus You’ll be Backed by a
Risk-Free 3-Day Guarantee

By the end of these 3 days, you’ll have been able to get familiar with the program.

If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated after this, or for some reason feel this is not the right course for you simply reach out and we’ll refund your investment.

Burning questions fellow Course of Fundamentals students
asked before grabbing their course access:

If you follow the steps laid out in the course and put in the time every day, you can learn graphic design within 2-3 months. For some students, it takes longer and for others, it is shorter. It really depends on how much time you are able to put into practice.

It is approximately 10 hours of content. But there is a lot more application that you are required to do for most lessons.

I don’t add fluff or anything you don’t need. This is the most straightforward path building up on a gradient with each lesson and module which will allow for the best results.

Yes, every lesson comes with subtitles in various languages: English 🇬🇧, Filipino 🇵🇭, French 🇫🇷, German 🇩🇪, Japanese 🇯🇵, Hindi 🇮🇳, and Spanish 🇪🇸. Each lesson also has a full written transcript. This is helpful if someone speaks a language not listed and wants to translate it themselves. For translating, ChatGPT is highly recommended because it’s considered one of the best translators available and it’s free.

I only want action takers in my program, and don’t like anyone who comes along not serious to learn graphic design. But if you decide within 3 days of enrolling that this program is not for you, I will issue you a refund.

At the end of the course, you have 3 design briefs I have created for you to choose from.

You will be provided with my direct e-mail address to submit it for review.

If I feel you have passed all the requirements and applied all the fundamentals of design to your project, you will receive an official certificate of completion as a trained graphic designer.

NOTE: This is not a college-accredited course where you will get a degree, but what is important at the end of a course is your ability to design and the skills acquired.

Absolutely! This is geared toward designers who are still learning or want to polish their skills. This program is perfect for anyone who is interested in learning about graphic design for beginners. This is not meant for already trained and experienced designers.

Nope! There will be more advanced design skill courses coming out in the future for trained designers, however this course is only for beginners or those looking to sharpen up on their skills.

If you are interested in a course for a trained designer looking to freelance, take a look at Consistent Clients Blueprint.

Nope! As a member of the How to Graphic Design: The Course of Fundamentals, you will have access to every single update and additional bonuses I put out in the future.

The main tools that I use to design in this course are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. Having access to the Adobe Creative Cloud is extremely valuable to create professional designs. 

You can get a student discount by going HERE.

Adobe Illustrator is a tool that is greatly used for logos and illustrations. In the Course of Fundamentals, you will be learning only the programs you need to know in order to apply the specific fundamentals you are learning about.

For composition and layout, you will learn Adobe InDesign so you can lay out elements according to the lessons and practice projects you are studying.

For image retouching and color theory, you will learn an introduction to Adobe Photoshop so you can edit images and work with color using this program.

In our future course about brand identity, we will be getting into Adobe Illustrator.

Yes! You get access to all modules of the course right after purchasing.

Some more successes from our community of designers...

Ready to bet on yourself as a creative and get
trained as a graphic designer?

Discount expires in:


$60 $49


If you’re thinking “this sounds amazing, but I’m
still not 100% sure” keep reading...

You should give the Course of Fundamentals a shot if you’re
motivated by any of the following:


You want to finally put your creativity to use to make a good living.

Whether you are working at a boring desk job or are a stay-at-home parent looking to earn some extra cash, all creatively inclined people can put their artistic skills to use. You just have to learn the skills to get you there first.


You want to freelance, set your schedule & be your own boss.

One of the greatest gifts becoming a graphic designer has given to me and so many other designers is the ability to make a living with our skills and computer alone. Every business needs design and it is therefore a great skill to acquire.


You’re done waiting to build your dream life and want to change.

Though you know it will take a time commitment to acquire the skill, you are sick of saying “one day I will…” and are ready to say “now is my time.” Just devoting a few hours per week, you could acquire the skill in a matter of months that can pay itself back hundreds of thousands of times over.

Still on the fence?

Send us a message with any question you have.

This is your chance to join
along with hundreds of other creatives
paving the way for their dream career.


$60 $49


Graphic design isn’t magic...

But acquiring the skills of graphic design have the potential to magically change your life.

I’ve been a graphic designer for 14 years, co-founder of Principium Studio, a successful branding-design business, and founder of 4 The Creatives, an educational business for new and freelance designers.

If your dream has been to become a good graphic designer and make a living out of it without spending years at school paying thousands of dollars in tuition I am here to tell you that it is possible.

Deciding to be a graphic designer and gaining this skill has provided me with a life of freedom allowing me to set my own schedule, spend more time with my family and given me a skill I can be proud of.

It gave me the choice to work in-house as a designer for many years and then allowed me the ability to create my own business from scratch which I have now grown to great success.

But this would not have been possible if I had not first mastered the design skills.

If you’re struggling to learn the design skills, frustrated with combing through hours of how-to videos, and want to become a professional designer in 2023 for real, you owe it to yourself to at least take a risk-free plunge to see what your life as a successful graphic designer looks like.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that this program will lay a solid foundation for your creative skills.

ALL my best,

Join the How to Graphic Design:
The Course of Fundamentals today!


$60 $49


© 2024 - 4 The Creatives, LLC.

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Overcome the anxieties faced by beginners and confidently
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Overcome the anxieties faced by beginners and confidently
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