Consistent Clients

The in-depth program for building
and growing your freelance
design business, by attracting
consistent high-paying clients
that you truly enjoy to work with.

Consistent Clients Blueprint is a step-by-step approach that will help you go from being stressed out and frustrated about not getting enough design clients to feeling stable and in control of getting a consistent flow of clients, giving your business a strong and steady income.

  • pricing
  • marketing
  • sales
  • client-attraction
  • contracts

  • onboarding
  • branding
  • website
  • proposals
  • content creation

Who is this for?

Before I tell you all about this program, let’s make sure you’re a good fit.

You’re a freelance designer who is frustrated competing with other designers who way undercharge and you’re uncertain how to find clients that will see your value and pay you for it.

Whether you are:

  • A newer freelance designer uncertain of how to find clients, scared about the lack of income, maybe you tried sites like UpWork and were frustrated with the amount of designers competing for jobs, making you feel insignificant and like you would never get chosen.
  • An in-house graphic designer who is tired of working a 9-5 schedule with a boss that squashes your creativity and you would like to be able to set your own schedule and be your own creative director.
  • An experienced designer who has been working with low-paying clients who make you do tons of revisions for pennies and you want to bring your income to a higher level while working with less clients, but earning more money.

You are in the right place!

The Consistent Clients Blueprint will provide you with the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support needed to build and grow a successful design business that separates you from low-paying clients, draining in-house jobs, and allow you to live a life by your schedule working on design projects that fulfill you.

By the end of this course you will have...


Created an Attractive Brand that Magnetizes Your Ideal Clients

including your messaging, visuals, social media and website so it is all working for you to bring in clients.


Increased Your Prices Using Our Unique Pricing Calculator

that was created specifically for designers to ensure they are not undercharging and covers all usual expenses.


Adopted the Vital Mindset to Make More Income Now

including exercises to remove the blocks and barriers keeping you with low-paying clients.


Implemented Powerful Systems to Help You Save Time & Get Paid

including step-by-step guidance for onboarding and project management to ensure it runs smoothly.


Established a Strong System of Where & How to Find Clients

that are intersted in your services instead of being worried about where your next project will come from.


Created a Growing Business Generating a Good Living

with a consistent client machine that could give you up to 5-figure income months.

Plus templates and guides to make it
even easier to learn & apply!

But Above All Else...

Consistent Clients Blueprint will help you to take the next step towards having time freedom to set your own schedule, meet your income goals and have more time for your friends and family…

To allow you to enjoy your personal and business life…

As I have been able to do for the past 8 years after quitting my corporate design job along with many other designers who have taken the leap and built a successful design business of their own.

How does our Consistent Clients Blueprint program compare?

Learn from someone who’s not only charted a path to success in the design business world but continues to navigate it daily.

Still running a design business professionally for 8 years.
Built a design business from $0 to five-figure monthly income
Lifetime access to ALL future updates of the core program.
Step-by-step application driven teaching.
Lifetime access to a private community for any guidance.

I just closed a $15,000 job all thanks to Lauren's simple and easy-to-follow framework.

“I was charging $50 and on the verge of giving up. Now I can confidently charge $3,000 – $5,000 and just closed a $15,000 job all thanks to Lauren’s simple and easy-to-follow framework.”
-AK Lyzz

Consistent Client Blueprint image

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Because of her program, now my business is flourishing. I have a full-fledged agency.

“Because of her program, now my business is flourishing. I have a full-fledged agency. The opportunities we have gotten are out of this world, we have a steady stream of clients, but nothing of what I’m doing or what I’ve learned could have come to life if it weren’t for Lauren and the Consistent Clients Blueprint program.”
-Parker Stewart

I was able to go from making a few hundred dollars a project to 4-figures a project and 5X my original investment in the program with 1 client.

“When I first came to Lauren I had no idea how to go about building up a design business and had never invested in myself before. Through her program and her incredible support, I was able to go from making a few hundred dollars a project to 4-figures a project and 5x my original investment in the program with 1 client. If you’re looking to build a sustainable design business and finally charge the value you deliver then this program is 100% for you.”
-Sara Rose

Joining her program changed everything for me and is helping me build the life I've always wanted.

“I found Lauren on YouTube during a critical point in my life. I was working at an agency 9-5 job, miserable, depressed, burnt out, and felt completely undervalued. I was looking for a way out and Lauren provided that for me. Joining her program changed everything for me and is helping me build the life I’ve always wanted. I wake up every day grateful for what she’s done for me because it has given me my life back.”
-Amber Plant

Life doesn't have a manual, especially when starting a business.

“Consistent Clients Blueprint was crucial for establishing a solid foundation in my design business. Succeeding as a solo designer demands business understanding, an aspect often overlooked in college. Thanks to this program, my business strategy has completely transformed. I can confidently say I now understand my design style, personality, and values. I’ve built strong, meaningful connections with clients and creative partners, and this has led to opportunities that wouldn’t have happened without this program. Life doesn’t have a manual, especially when starting a business. You’ve become a superhero for people like us. I’m lucky to have learned from you, and I’ll always be thankful for helping me become the person I am today. ”
Luis Edilberto

I have already increased my income by over 2.5 times

“After leaving my full time in house job and applying what I have learned started my own business, I have already increased my income by over 2.5 times. I have picked the hours and days I work and control my workflow. I wish I had found this program sooner!”
-Lisa Armstrong

What’s Inside Consistent Clients Blueprint?

There’s immense value in learning from someone who has navigated the journey of starting, stumbling, and eventually succeeding in the design business, gaining insights into the challenging mindsets that often hold designers back from progressing and charging higher prices.

In this module, we’re going to crush all barriers to charging clients more money and feeling you’re not good enough. With these out of the way, you will be able to have the right mindset that it takes to create a profitable business and meet your income goals.


  • Adopt the correct mindset regarding starting a business of your own and gain confidence in your ability to create your own very successful design business.
  • Remove bad associations and beliefs around money to help you have a fresh start and make the level of income that will provide you stability and security.
  • Remove distractions or anything standing in your way from achieving your goals. And set a bullet-proof system to keep you going no matter what bumps or challenges may come your way.

This module is part of the “foundation” of your business because it is the vital cornerstone in building a stable, long-lasting profitable business, which will naturally attract the exact clients you want to work with without having any guesswork.


  • How to apply the key factor that most freelance designers are missing, giving you a huge competitive advantage.
  • You will figure out the type of design work that gets you super excited to work on. This will include where your skills and passions intertwine allowing you to charge much higher prices.
  • Validate what niche is the most profitable for you to get into using a unique formula created by myself for you.
  • Learn the mistakes designers make in trying to attract clients which instead repels them.

The best way to get clients is to spend the proper time researching where they are online, who they listen to and why they would hire you. 

That’s why in this module, you will be uncovering all of the details most designers are not learning about their ideal clients, which will provide a clear road map to follow when looking for clients.


  • Discover the magnetic words, messages and images that will make your website and content attract and lure in your ideal clients to hire you.
  • A step-by-step guide to knowing your perfect client way better than anyone else.

In this module, you will make your design business shine by creating the right personality and identity to attract your ideal clients. Based on the research from the previous module, you will be equipped with golden nuggets to create a brand that works strategically for you.


  • Learn how to differentiate from and beat any competition.
  • Craft a strategic message to help your ideal clients be magnetized to your design business.
  • Create a brand that embodies your unique design style.

One of the hardest topics for freelance designers is Pricing. That’s why in this module, you will go in-depth into implementing pricing strategies into your business that not only give you confidence and allow you to see your true value, but that are geared towards making a great income with your unique design skills.


  • Learn all about profitable pricing strategies geared towards freelance designers.
  • Get your hands on a simple and effective pricing calculator that will allow you to not only make your income goals, but take away any doubt about how much you should charge for every single project.
  • Learn how to sell confidently on the phone without feeling scared about rejection or not knowing what to say with an exact step-by-step process that has closed client after client for both myself and my students.
  • Proposal template to help showcase your skills and impress the client.

This is where you create the core, time-saving structure of your business to make your life much simpler. Including the super fun part of the process where you get to create the visual elements and high-converting website for your brand, ensuring they align with all you have learned about your ideal clients so it is not just what you think is pretty, but what will attract them to your business.

You will then set up the powerful, time-saving systems that will ensure you’re not wasting tons of time chasing up invoices, going back and forth on e-mails, doing 15+ revisions, but allows you to put a solid framework together to easily take on multiple clients at once, get paid on every project and not waste your time in the process.


  • Implement my exact systems to save you hours of time every week that you don’t even realize are being wasted every day.
  • Ensure you get paid with every single project on time with no more than 3 revisions by a small tweak to your onboarding process.
  • Design a high-converting website with my exact step-by-step template of what to put where on your home page to hook, engage and convert your ideal clients into paying customers.
  • Use the exact metrics that have helped me to grow my business year after year and which make you in control of the number of clients and income you have coming in on a daily basis.

This module is worth the cost of admission alone. Here is where everything comes together to get you flooded with consistent clients so you never have to worry about where your next client will come from. 

You will learn my entire 3-part framework for getting clients in detail with one lesson devoted for each method, including detailed swipe files and templates that have landed myself and my students thousands of dollars worth of clients.


  • How to never run out of clients with my 3-part framework to not only get clients immediately, but for long-term consistent lead generation that helps to remove the stress from your business.
  • Learn how I have gotten several of my longest-standing clients through a tactic that too many designers use incorrectly.
  • Implement a content-creation planning system that helps you avoid overwhelm and burnout, allowing you to stay consistent by planning up to a year’s worth of content that is effective in attracting the right clients to your business.

In this module you will learn an exact set of policies you must adopt in dealing with clients that will help you have a smooth time working with them and avoid getting into disagreements, projects dragging out for months or endless revisions.


  • Implement an effective 9-part policy that puts you in the driver’s seat with every client you work with, so you remove the phrase “bad client” from your vocabulary.
  • Gain the 5 simple, but powerful secrets that all successful business owners implement.
  • Create your simple creative business plan to help bring all you have learned together. 

Through the Consistent Client Blueprint, I was able to get an understanding of what it means to run a professional business.

“I started my illustration business with a good knowledge of all the graphic programs. Only when I started working with clients I noticed that I was lacking a strategic business model. Through the Consistent Client Blueprint, I was able to get an understanding of what it means to run a professional business. In three months, I went through the course, while implementing the lessons. When finished I had a good strategy on how to attract clients and to work with them professionally from start to finish, all for the correct pricing. The most valuable lesson I’ve learned was to switch my mindset from being an illustrator to a business owner. Thank you, Lauren”
– Jovi Cauwels

Consistent Client Blueprint image

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Burning questions from fellow Consistent Clients Blueprint students:

Every student is different and while I can’t promise every student will achieve the same level of success (a claim no credible mentor would make), I can assure you that diligently following the program’s guidelines, dedicating daily effort and time, positions you to establish a steady design business within 6 to 12 months. The journey to success varies for each student; for some, it may take a bit longer, while others might reach their goals more quickly. Ultimately, the progress you make is closely tied to the amount of time and commitment you invest in your business and in developing your business skills.

Yes, there is an entire module devoted to this with over 15 lessons filled with different tactics of how my students and I have successfully landed hundreds of clients.

I love to welcome those ready to dive in and apply the strategies we teach in the Consistent Client Blueprint program. However, to get real results is all about embracing the journey with seriousness and commitment.

I truly believe in the value and impact of my program, but I also recognize that it may not be the perfect match for everyone. If you’ve given it your all—engaging with the materials during the first 14 days—and still feel unsure, unmotivated, or find that the course isn’t aligning with your expectations, please reach out to us at with a brief explanation of your efforts and why you believe the course was not beneficial for your specific needs and I will issue a full refund.


They are every Thursday (except holidays) via Zoom. (you do not need to be on video, but I will be on video for each one)

The times alternate each week to cover different time zones between 8:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM EST and 1:00 PM PST / 4:00 PM EST. They are each 2 hours long.

Absolutely! This is geared for designers just starting their freelance career as well as those looking to bring their business to the next level.

Nope! That is a huge part of the Foundation Phase of the program. And I have created a unique worksheet to help make choosing your niche as simple as possible.

Nope! As a member of the Consistent Clients Blueprint, you will have access to every single update and additional bonuses I put out into the future. And because I am still running my own design business, I like to teach what is working to my students.

You will always be the first to get these updates.

The only exception is that the coaching calls are limited to 1 year. But you will still have access to the private community with me after the 1 year so you can still get support.

Almost everything I teach is included inside of the program, with swipe files, grids, worksheets, etc. to help you build your design business.

The only additional purchases you may need to make are legal and accounting-related. However, I give recommendations for inexpensive and free options for these as well. 

And if you choose to make larger investments into different apps and software, I tell you what has worked for me, but my philosophy is that you should learn how to do it using free tools before you move to complicated apps.

To avoid overwhelm, I will release 1 module per week over the next 2 months.

When you enroll, you will have immediate access to the first module: Success Mindset.

You do not need to complete each module before the next one is released. You should go at your own pace that works with your lifestyle.

Some more successes from our community of designers...

Starting your own business doesn’t
magically make you a success...

But it has the power to become more successful than you ever even dreamed possible, allowing you to have the schedule you want, make the income you desire and live life on your terms.

I’ve been a graphic designer for 14 years, co-founder of Principium Studio, a branding-design business, and founder of 4 The Creatives, an educational business for new and freelance designers.

When I quit working in-house as a designer 8 years ago, I had to teach myself how to start a business and this came with a ton of struggles, trial, error and wanting to give up.

But through my persistence, I was able to grow my business to what it is today and streamlined the process that it took to get there so others like yourself could be successful much quicker.

Think better-paying clients, premium pricing, working fewer hours, having more time for your family or being able to travel the world and work from wherever you want.

Designers who have gone through my step-by-step process have been getting clients they only dreamed of having and charging prices they wouldn’t have ever imagined. So I am here to tell you that it is possible for you too.

It’s not the most talented, most Instagram famous or most tech-savvy designers that go on to grow wildly successful design businesses.

It’s the ones willing to try, learn, fall down a few times and get back up because they’re committed to building a design business and life based on what they value most.

There are millions and millions of businesses who need designers just like you. They just need to know where to find you and you need to know how to be found! Which is exactly what I help you to do in this program.

So ask yourself: “If I don’t go all in now, then when will I ever meet those goals I want to achieve?”

If you want to build a successful design business in 2024 for real, living the freelance lifestyle you always dreamed of then you owe it to yourself to at least take a risk-free plunge to see what your life as a successful graphic designer looks like.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that this program will be the missing piece between your amazing creative skills and the dream clients who will pay you for your creativity.

I can’t wait to meet you, teach you and cheer you on inside Consistent Clients Blueprint!

ALL my best,

Consistent Client Blueprint image

The doors for this program are currently closed.
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© 2023 - 4 The Creatives, LLC.

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Overcome the anxieties faced by beginners and confidently
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Overcome the anxieties faced by beginners and confidently
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